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We offer a wide range of pleating services.

Please scroll down to view the types of pleating available.

For a surcharge we also offer a same day turn around service. Email or phone for details.

Flat Pleats Straight

Flat pleats, also commonly known as knife pleats, have one side longer than the other. This means that the fabric will lie flat on a surface once it is pleated. Normally the under pleat will be half that of the over pleat. For this you will need a ratio of 3:1 for the fabric you send us. I.e. if you send us 3 metres of fabric you will get back 1 metre of pleated fabric. As a rule the pleats normally point towards the left so that zips can be hidden under a pleat on women’s skirts.

Pleat sizes range from 5mm to 70mm.
Price £7.00 per metre plus VAT.


Flat Pleats Flared

Flat pleats flared, also known as Graduated pleats, are the same as the normal Flat pleat but the under pleat varies from the hip to the hem and this creates a graduation in the visible fabric. The fabric you send in needs to be rectangular rather than semi-circular as is required for a Sunray.

Sizes 12mm to 70mm
Allow three times hip or finished measurement.
Price £7.00 per metre plus VAT.


Box Pleats Straight

A box pleat is a combination of a left hand flat pleat followed by a right hand flat pleat. This creates a box effect.

Sizes 10mm to 70mm
Allow three times hip or finished measurement.
Price £7.00 per metre plus VAT.


Accordion Pleats Straight

An accordion pleat has 2 sides both of the same length. This means that it looks like an accordion, hence the name.

Sizes 5mm to 25mm
Allow three times hip or finished measurement.
Price £7.00 per metre plus VAT.


Crystal Pleats

Crystal pleating is a very small accordion pleat with both sides of the pleat measuring about 2 to 3mm.

Allow three times hip or finished measurement.
Price £8.00 per metre plus VAT.


Sunray Pleats

A Sunray pleat is a graduated accordion pleat that is pleated in a semi-circle. The pleat starts off very small at the hip and gets bigger closer to the hem. To work out how much fabric to send us please look at our instructions page.

Small up to 50 cm drop 1/2 circles  £5.00   1/4 circles   £3.00

Med up to 100 cm drop 1/2 circles £10.00 1/4 circles £5.50.

Long up to 120 cm 1/2 circles £12.00   1/4 circles £7.00.

Extra long 1/2 circle £15 1/4 circle £8.00.


Fancy Pleating

As well as our standard pleating we offer a wide variety of fancy pleats. To see the full range of special pleats available, please click on the button below.
Prices £30.00 per panel plus VAT, except for Coral and Treebark pleating which are £8 plus VAT.

If you require a fused backing then it is an additional £5 per panel. We can back using a white or black fusing fabric.


Packaging & Delivery

Next day courier costs from £12.00 + VAT.

Please note:


- We don't stock fabric, you have to provide your own.
- Most natural fabrics such as wool or silk will pleat perfectly well, but care has to be taken in cleaning and wearing. Specialist dry cleaning is recommended. Cotton and Linen will pleat but tends to crease easily. 100% polyester fabrics are best for pleating and can normally be washed at a low temperature and still hold a pleat.
- It takes about a week to get your fabric pleated, depending on the volume of your order.
- All prices are approximate and are subject to alteration for unusual fabrics. All possible care is taken in processing, but no responsibility can be taken for shrinkage and colour change.        - Payment can be made by phone using a credit or debit card. All major cards accepted.              - The turn around time is generally a week, but this is dependent on quantity and capacity.