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Ciment Pleating has been established since 1925 making us the oldest pleating firm in the UK. We have built up a reputation with our customers as the number 1 pleaters in the country and we regularly export our services to Europe and the rest of the world.

We supply a service for fashion designers, interior designers, home dressmakers, fashion colleges, film companies, advertising, theatrical costumiers, and milliners.



Pleating is the art of folding fabric in to different shapes creating differences in volume and texture.

To pleat fabric you first need a pattern or mould. Patterns are made up of two pieces of card that are folded identically so that they can fit together. Most moulds also have a wrapper on the outside to protect the pattern during the heating process.

To pleat fabric you first need to separate the two pieces of card and flatten one on a table. You then lay your fabric on top of the card and cover the fabric with the top part of the pattern.

Once you have the fabric in between the two pieces of card the pattern needs to be folded in to shape and rolled up tight. It is then placed in a steam cabinet to heat set the fabric in to the required shape.

After the pattern has cooled down sufficiently the fabric can be removed and it should now maintain the shape of the pattern used to pleat it.